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Scrap metal prices can change daily. The price of scrap metal shifts and relies on some points. It mostly depends on the price of raw metals, cost of energy / production and demand on the market. For example, copper prices rise during an increase in home building. Scrap prices can vary between local markets even in the U.S. To get your live scrap price, it’s recommended that you call us or contact us having filled out a form. Still, better prices paid with cash on the spot when bring more pounds.

These are not real-time scrap prices (actual for June 2018), but it helps estimate your potential profit roughly.

Today's copper #1, #2 and Bare Bright prices are $2.3 - $2.65 per pound. This is the type of copper with the highest price since this material contains the minimal quantity of contaminations. Number 2 in our top is the price for #1 Insulated Wire. It's around $1.55-$1.75/lb. If you've got access to such sources of copper and aluminum scrap like Romex Wire and Coils from air-conditioning and cooling systems, then you are going to earn 1.0 - 1.3 dollars per pound.

Now let's go to Red and Yellow Brass scrap - it's price is $1.5-$2/lb. Do you pick up Brass Bullet Shells? Sell it at Scrap Stop for the price of $1.30-$1.70/lb If you are involved in dismantling of commercial facilities with lots of Blumbing Brass, Brass Radiators, Water Meters and Bronze, we'll suggest you $0.9 - $1.7 per pound. Recycling PC Motherboards, Memory Chips and CPU Processor Chips may also bring you good money. E.g. the price of Chips might be higher than $9/lb. Probably the price other types of metal scrap will be less than $1/lb., but still capable bring you decsent amount of money due to its frequent occurrence.

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Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound