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Brass and Bronze Recycling

Brass is a type of metal that can be scrapped, but the market for it changes regularly. It’s difficult to find a standard price due to the regular fluctuation of this market, so your best bet when you want to recycle brass scrap is to call your local scrap yard to get the price per pound.

All Kinds of Brass

Brass comes in all sorts of types. Yellow brass scrap prices may be different from red brass, chrome plated brass, and so on. A common way that many recyclers collect brass is on the ends of copper tubing or parts when scrapping air conditioners or other appliances.

Safe Handling

While it is not as common in today’s manufacturing, some brass, especially older brass, does contain small amounts of lead. Even though the amount may be negligible, it is still a good idea to handle copper scrap safely. Be sure to wash your hands so that your food doesn’t get contaminated after handling brass scrap, for example.

Get the Best Price Per Pound

If you have yellow brass, red brass, or other materials to scrap, Scrap Stop Metals offers the fairest prices in the region. Our hassle-free system makes it easy for you to get rid of old metal and earn some money while you are at it.

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