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Scrap Your Brass Radiators Today

Brass radiators can often be had in bulk from demolition sites, large plumbing jobs, and more. When you take the time to clean brass radiators, they can be worth a good payday at a scrap yard. The price for brass scrap varies depending on region, market fluctuations, quality, and other factors, but this is still a good metal to scrap.

Cleaning Brass Radiators

Most brass radiators are yellow brass, meaning they are higher in zinc than they are in copper material. In order to get the best price out of them, and to not bring down the price of any other metals you may be bringing in, it’s best to clean these. Clean the metals to get the steel and iron pieces off the sides of the radiator, till you have only brass metal remaining.

Other Scrap You May Run Across

Brass radiators always involve other metals, and cleaning them is always the best way to get the highest price per pound. There are other materials for scrap that you may run across when cleaning these items, including aluminum, starters, catalytic converters, and the iron and steel that you remove during cleaning.

Sort all these out into their own pile to get the best prices on each. Then call your local scrap yard for their current rates, or come in to Scrap Stop, where we offer the fairest rates in the region, and an easy system that gets you in and out in no time flat.

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