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Scrapping Brass Water Meters

Once upon a time, brass water meters were a common scrap material that many recyclers brought in for big bucks. Old warehouses full of retired water meters were the perfect place to salvage brass, if you had permission. Unfortunately, many brass water meters were salvaged without permission several years ago, leading to new types of water meters without brass content.

2012 Brings Plastic Water Meters

Five years ago, a major rash of brass water meter thefts forced many cities to adopt plastic water meters instead. A company called created a durable plastic meter that prevented the thefts from occurring, and also addressed common issues with the performance of brass water meters. This solution was implemented in the U.S. as well as across the globe in places such as Mumbai. For scrappers today, that might be good news – as more towns switch to these plastic water meters, old brass meters are being retired, which may mean they can be acquired legally.

Scrapping Brass Water Meters

If you are a business or a city agency and have scrap brass water meters, you are in luck! The brass can be worth a decent payday. Scrap Stop Metals offers the best prices in the region for brass and other scrap metals. Bring in your brass water meters for a hassle-free experience (just don’t steal them to do it).

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