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Recycling Bronze Scrap

Bronze is an alloy that is used in a wide variety of engineering materials today, making it easy to come by for recycling purposes. If you have a big pile of bronze that you want to sell, you are probably wondering if it’s even worthwhile as scrap. The answer is yes, bronze can be a good payday at the scrap yard, especially if you have a bulk amount.

Where to Find Bronze Metal

Most often, bronze is found in plumbing materials. It comes in many different grades and types, so be sure that you know what type of bronze you have. Something with more steel and nickel, isn’t going to be as valuable per pound as a purer bronze with more copper.

Best Bronze Price Per Pound

Depending on what you have, your bronze scrap may be anywhere from $2.20 per pound to close to $2.50 dollars* per pound. That’s a huge difference, which really illustrates why you need to know exactly what you have. If you aren’t sure, separate the bronze into like piles and head to your local scrap yard. They can tell you what you’ve got and what it’s worth.

Be sure to always separate the bronze, however, because the higher value materials will go for more than a pile of mixed bronze.

* Feb 2023 price.

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