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Brass Recycling

Red brass scrap is a volatile market, with the best price frequently changing according to the demand, the quality, the region, and other factors. The best way to keep up with the latest red brass prices is to call your local scrap yard. Once the price reaches something that is worth your time, be sure to get your scrap sold quickly; the market is liable to shoot right back down before long.

Red Brass and Other Scrap

Red brass often comes from plumbing projects, which usually means there are other metals you’ll have to sell as well. Copper pipe and yellow brass are frequently sold alongside red brass, but it’s important to keep the materials separated. Red brass can drag down the price of your valuable copper. You may also have aluminum, lead, or stainless where red brass is present.

Sell Your Red Brass

Scrap Stop Metals offers the best prices in the region. Bring in your red brass as well as other metals, and we will calculate the going rate and help you get in and out with no hassle at all.

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