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Get Cash for Bare Bright Copper Wire

Of all the various types of copper wire that can be recycled, stripped bare bright copper wire is one of the most valuable. This type of wire is usually graded #1, meaning it will bring top prices at the scrap yard. There are a few things to know when recycling bare bright copper wire:

Where to Find It

Bare bright copper is often found wherever you might find insulated wire, such as construction sites, home remodels, demolition sites, and more. You can easily collect this wire and turn it into cash when you bring it in here to Scrap Stop Metals.

Stripping It

A lot of the time, this type of copper wire is found coated in insulation or other coverings. Stripping out the bare bright copper wire will earn you a higher price from the scrap yard. This step can also be a big time saver because it will show you any tin-coated copper wire that was masquerading as bare bright in your pile. Be sure that the wire is red in color all the way through to ensure that it is actually bare bright.

Bare Bright Copper Wire Prices

When you come in to Scrap Stop, you’ll get the fairest prices for bare bright copper wire, and a fast and easy system that gets you in and out without the hassle. Bare bright copper wire prices change based on the regional area and grade of the copper, but for high grade #1 copper wire that has been stripped of insulation, you can currently expect to receive around $3.60-$3.90* per pound.

* March 2024 price.

Tips for Improving Your Profit

Don’t mix bare bright wire with any other type of copper, because scrap yards will value a pile of scrap at the lowest grade of material present. Be sure not to tape your wire together in any way, and do not burn the wire in any way. With carefully preserved bare bright wire, you’ll be able to walk away with a fuller wallet and less scrap to get rid of.

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