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Scrapping Copper Tubing or Bus Bar

There are two types of copper bus bar, which is also called copper tubing and copper pipe. These two types are simply called #1 and #2, and each is worth money as a scrap material. Copper is a valuable material in many different industries, so it’s a big ticket item at scrap yards. Here’s what you need to know to sell any copper tubing you may have at your local scrap recycling location.

Clean Copper Bus Bar

#1 copper tubing is also called “clean copper tubing” and is often found as leftovers from contractors, plumbers, and other types of home remodel jobs. For this copper to qualify as #1, it has to be totally clean, with no soldering and no paint, and no other materials present. It’s similar to bare bright copper wire in quality, but the price is slightly lower.

Everything Else

All other scrap bus bar is #2 copper tubing $3.10-$3.40 per pound. Burnt copper wire, copper that has soldering, copper with a very light tin coating, and other types of lesser grade material count in this grade. You can still scrap these items, but the price will be lower. Here are two good tips for raising the price on your #2 copper scrap:
  • Cut off any brass ends if you can, especially if the copper is otherwise clean. This will raise the price to the #1 copper rate $3.30-3.50 per pound.
  • Always sort your copper by grade. In a pile of mixed grade copper, the lowest quality copper will determine the price for the entire pile.

Come in to Scrap Stop for the Best Price

Recycling is an easy way to earn some money, help the environment, and clean up a work site. Scrap Stop makes it easy with a no-hassle system and the best prices in the area.

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