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Capitalize on Sealed Units or Compressors

If you have old appliances hanging around, you likely have plenty of sealed units or compressors to take advantage of. These electric motors encased in steel can be scrapped for about ten cents a pound at today’s going rate – which adds up quickly when you consider how frequently these items can be found.

Quick Tips

To get the most of of your sealed units or compressors, here’s a little help:
  • Don’t scrap them as part of other materials like bare copper. Sealed motors will bring down the price of higher grade scrap.
  • Don’t take apart your compressor, but do make sure it is drained of oil and other fluids by a licensed professional.
  • While you may be tempted to open sealed units for the copper, it isn’t usually worth the effort due to the hefty steel casing.

Bring in your compressors today to Scrap Stop for the best prices and the easiest process around.

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