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Scrapping Insulated Copper Cable and High Voltage Cable

Copper wire comes in many shapes and sizes. Insulated copper wire and high voltage copper wire are two types that many projects use and cast off, making them perfect for collectors to scrap. The big questions when gathering this type of recyclable material is usually how much you can expect the scrap yard to pay, and if you should strip the cable or not.

Estimated Value of Insulated and High/Medium Voltage Copper Cable

The prices for both of these things vary depending on the type of wire, what it was made for, how high a grade the copper within may be, the region you live in, and the time of year. However, right now, you can expect that most copper cable like this will be graded at #1, and should earn you between $1.50/lb* and $2.70* per pound. As you can see, that’s a big difference, so be sure you do what you can to improve the price.

Should You Strip Copper Cable?

In order to get the most value out of copper cable, you may consider stripping it down to the bare copper. First, before you begin anything, simply consider separating out your high voltage from your low voltage copper cable. That can make a big difference on the price you can expect.

If you find it simple to efficiently strip insulated copper, then it is definitely worth the effort. However, if you don’t have the best setup and it takes you quite a long time, it may not be worthwhile. Be sure to look for insulated copper cable that is reddish in color all the way through for the best price possible.

Visit the Local Scrap Yard

Some scrap yards may not take copper cable that is still in the insulation, so be sure to find out the expectation before you go. At Scrap Stop, we make it easy for you to drop off your materials, get paid, and get on your way. We also offer the fairest prices in the area, so that you can earn some real money for the scrap cable you have laying around.

* March 2024 price.

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