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Get the Best Price for Scrap Copper Transformers

Scrapping copper transformers can lead to an excellent pay day if you have a good source. Right now, copper transformers sell to scrap yards for an average of $0.35/lb, but it isn’t unusual to see the price as high as 45-60 cents* per pound.

Where are Copper Transformers?

Transformers are found in appliances like microwaves, as well as in power supply boxes and on low-grade PCBs, like the ones used in VHS players. They are also found in power line manufacturing cast offs. Power supply boxes are usually the best place for scrappers to start. Wall chargers, for example, are a frequently tossed item that can be stripped for the copper transformer.

Get the Best Current Price

Bringing the pure copper to the scrap yard is the best way to get a high price for the transformers. There are two safe methods for removing metal from a power supply box, microwave, or other items. The first is to cut through the copper, rather than the steel, and then pry or pull out the copper from the other side. This is the best method for getting copper out of a microwave or transformer.

Now just bring in your copper and get the best prices around at Scrap Stop.
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