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Recycling Romex Wire

Are you a scrapper without access to industrial areas or manufacturing plants? It isn’t hard to find recyclable materials right in your own home, or in flipped houses. Romex wire is a type of non-metallic electrical wiring found in almost all houses that contains copper inside. Stripping the insulation for wire helps you earn extra money and helps protect the environment.

Types of Romex Wire

The different types of Romex wire, usually differentiated by color, refer to the different gauges of the wiring. Larger copper wire on the inside is labeled differently by electricians, who are trying to keep which wire is which straight. While it can be hard to estimate a steady price on house wire like this, a good estimate to expect is around two dollar per pound.

Stripping Romex Wire

If you stripe the insulation to the bare copper wire, you can get more money per pound, depending on how high grade the copper is. This may or may not be worthwhile. If you have quite a hefty load of cable, you may want to go ahead and strip it to get a better price. No matter what you bring in for recycling, the scrap yard will offer a price based on the lowest grade material in the bunch. So if you do strip your wire, be sure to sort your piles to get the highest prices you can.

Scrap Stop offers fair prices on Romex wire, copper scrap, and other materials, with our fast and easy processing system.

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