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Scrap Car Starters for Top Prices

For mechanics or others who have access to old cars, alternators and starters are easy to come by and perfect for scrapping. While local prices can vary, you can almost always be sure to get around 13 cents per pound for car starters and alternators. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Starters are valued because they are wound with copper wire, one of the most valuable scrap metals on the market.
  • Alternators are also wound in copper wire, and the size and weight of the alternator can affect the price. This part has a steel casing just like an electric motor.
  • Not all scrap yards accept alternators and starters. If you want to know if your area does, call and request the current prices on these two car parts for scrap.

At Scrap Stop Metals, we’ll offer fair prices and an easy system that gets you in and out in a hurry.

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