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Cast Aluminum Scrap Prices

If you are already on your way to the scrap yard, and you have room for a little extra on the load, gathering up cast aluminum is a great way to fill in the gaps. It’s easy to find, and doesn’t take a lot of processing on your part. You can typically find cast aluminum in vehicle parts, like the grill or the engine block. But also watch for things like patio furniture, where you only have to remove the plastic parts before you bring it to the scrap yard.

Scrap Prices for Cast Aluminum

The price per pound on scrap aluminum frequently changes, and it may be different if you have a large load or a small load. The best way to learn the price is to get in touch with your local scrap yard. No matter how you bring it in, it’s always a good idea to sort your metals so that you get the best prices on everything. To get the best prices on cast aluminum, be sure that it is free of all other materials like steel or rubber attachments.

Scrap Stop Metals Can Help

Scrap Stop offers fair prices and an easy process that will get you in and out in a hurry. Bring in your cast aluminum and other metal scrap for a simple way to earn extra cash today. We also offer pick up services for larger sites where you have bulk cast aluminum scrap. Let us know how we can help.

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